Welcome to PacWest Silicon

The name PacWest, was chosen for the region that its roots are set for growth.  Acknowledging the amazing people and community leaders of this region is what led HiTest to brand this new company PacWest Silicon. PacWest is proud to be a part of the Pacific Northwest community and even prouder to be an important member of Washington State's burgeoning green energy economy.  

FIVE Things you Should Know About the PacWest Facility in Newport, WA.

  1. The PacWest Silicon Project will create new, economic opportunity for Pend Oreille county its residents and neighbours.

    • The PacWest Silicon facility will employ 150+ people and support an additional 750+ workers in spinoff jobs related to the plant.

    • PacWest Silicon is committed to hiring locally first and will keep open lines of communication with job fairs, required skill sets, and training programs for interested potential PacWest team members. Wages at the facility will range from $40,000 to $150,000 annually.  Real family wages for skilled labor jobs.

  2. Rigorous scientific evaluation on impacts to air and water quality.

    • We will follow where the science and data take us to ensure our project meets the safest standards for public and environmental health and safety. 

    • Our company is committed to a rigorous and ongoing evaluation of air and water pertaining to our project and adherence to regulatory requirements.

  3. PacWest Silicon respects the environmental values of the local community and is committed to doing its part in the most environmentally-responsible, safe ways possible.

    • For every ton of CO² created during the production of silicon metal, nine times that amount is saved from being emitted to the atmosphere over the life of the solar panels that we are the foundation of.

    • The PacWest facility will only consume 6,300 gallons of water per day, the equivalent of only 24 new residences.

    • Our Company will not withdraw or deposit any water from the Pend Oreille river or any river or lake in Washington or Idaho.

    • We will use 105 megawatts of Pend Oreille Public Utility District's clean hydro power.

    • No waste or by products. Everything that enters our plant leaves as a saleable product. No slag, No ash, No toxic chemical, and No Waste.

  4. The process of making silicon metal, the primary activity of the PacWest facility, does not lead to silicosis.

    • Silicosis is a result of dust that is created from the cutting or grinding of crystalline silica.  

    • The silica used in our process is sized, rinsed and washed in Canada before it is shipped to Washington. We do not grind or size the silica in Washington virtually eliminating  any risk of silicosis. 

    • The PacWest Silicon facility will be regulated by ALL OF THESE LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL AGENCIES. 

    • Additionally, our site will use extensive dust control technologies (the primary use of water at our site) at all material transfer points

  5. In Washington, innovation is not limited to big cities west of the mountains.

    • The products generated at the new PacWest Silicon facility in Pend Oreille county will empower renewable energy systems (e.g. solar voltaic cells) that help diversify how we power our homes and workplaces for the benefit of the environment in the 21st century.

    • Creating the necessary elements for renewable energy systems positions Pend Oreille county in the state of Washington for its support of clean energy products that are American-made.

Govenor Jay Inslee

“As a leading innovator in their industry, HiTest shares our commitment to enabling the great promise of the clean energy economy, I look forward to watching the resurgence of hard-working Washington communities spurred by this exciting new development in our northeast region.”

Jayson Tymko, President of U.S. Operations, HiTest Sand Inc.

HiTest Sand Inc. is excited at the prospect of joining the community of northeastern Washington. The support of local business leaders, the Pend Oreille County Commission, Governor Inslee and especially Representatives Shelly Short and Joel Kretz, was key in our decision to focus our development efforts on the Newport site. We look forward to seeing our silicon product incorporated into similar environmentally focused industries both here in Washington as well as the rest of North America.”

Brian Bonlender, Commerce Director

“This is one of the most significant projects in the state for years. It is gratifying to see it happen in a region facing economic challenges. The tri-county region and neighboring city of Spokane offer HiTest Sands an incredible foundation on which to build generations of success – sustainable forest resources, low-cost clean energy and a highly skilled manufacturing workforce. I’m proud of the way local officials, our fellow state agencies and our team at Commerce and Governor Inslee’s office worked together with the company as business partners.”

Shelly Short, 7th District Representative

“From the time Representative Kretz and I first met Hi-Test Sand 8 months ago, our focus was to bring all decision makers to the table and to assist them with whatever challenges they had. Everyone worked tirelessly to help bring this to fruition. It’s incredibly exciting and gratifying,” said 7th District Representative Shelly Short.

Project Benefits

Environmentally Friendly, High Paying Jobs for Local Residents
  • Production process does not require or produce any heavy metals or hazardous chemicals as by-products

  • All materials required during production process and consumed leave the plant as a saleable product

  • Direct employment: 150+ workers

  • Additional indirect employment: 750+ workers

  • Two year construction period with $325 million of capital remaining, requiring an estimated 250 - 400 construction workers

Committed and Invested Governmental Agencies
  • Local and state officials have been closely involved with and extremely supportive of HiTest’s development, with the Washington State Department of Commerce designating the plant a Project of Statewide Significance

  • Management has developed a relationship with the Governor of Washington, who has publicly recognized HiTest as a leading innovator in supporting a clean energy economy, providing hundreds of direct and indirect jobs for the local community while reducing the state’s carbon footprint

Invested and Proven Managment Team
  • The management team has extensive experience in the silicon metal market, with previous responsibilities leading process engineering, product development, quality and technical support, and supply chain management at some of the most recognized global silicon metal producers.

  • Management and its co-investors have invested approximately $25 million in the business to date, including the acquisition of the quartz mine and funding project development and engineering for the silicon metal plant.

  • Accomplished Board of Directors has been assembled, with legal and financial expertise in the metals & mining sector obtained over decades of experience at recognized firms.